Eagle Plains

Made eagle plains last night. My GPS says 745 total miles since I left Knick. I thin I have about 250 to go to Inuvik.
The reports from people comming back down is that their is new gravel on the last 100 miles or so. If it is too new, and too deep, it is not worth the risk just to ride across the boring Mackenzie river delta so I will turn around. Otherwise it looks like a great rideing day.

I have an unusual weather window that is spactacular!. The sun is out and blazing the road dry. This is rare in this part of the world so I feel quite blessed! I ran into about 15 miles of hard rain yesterday, and the clay road kinda becomes an ice skating rink. As always my objective is safety and survival. I've already joined a very elite club of people that have made it this far, so if I must turn back to ensure a successful completion of the trip, I will.. 
It is important to avoid "get-there-itis" and ride safe!.

Next 100 miles winds through the mountains, across the arctic circle, across 2 continetal divides, and down to the delta and out to the coast. I expect the road will deteriorate but will still be very good and ridable!

Though I am not across the arctic circle yet, I am up high enough that the sun did not set last night. I literally slept in my sunglasses. Havn't done that since my drunk days ;) 

Anyway, it was a little windy and the wind was a little chilly. I set up behind my bike, then sat behind my tent to be out of the wind. I had a spactacular view of west, and north. The blessing odf the wind, is that there are few skeeters. IN this neck of the woods, they can be lethal. As soon as the breazes stop, they are out, and hungry!

So, the road winds on, sometimes in drudgery, some times in panic, sometimes in awe. It is a lot like life itself. I am well prepared, diligent, and safety concious. I do it fast, but with caution if that makes any sense.  I am blessed that my eyes are so open these days. I am blessed that this experience is doable and doable in a safe and sane mannor.

I talk about the next "12 seconds" that is the awarness I try to maintain while riding. In these conditions, I have to bring that down to more like 4 seconds. Talk about being here now! At this speed, now is gone before I get there, or here, or whatever...

I am tyrying to find just the right musik for the road today. I wish I had some vivaldi. I think that would be the perfect mix of splendor and excitement. Oh well, guess Ill have to go with Metalica :)
I updated the pictures today. Still dont have time to upload the videos, but I will when I get back to Dawson
thanks again for paying attention!