Over the Top

Power is your friend... 

I was throwing her through the switchback dome twisties, on the Canada side of the Top Of the World. East of Chicken, north of everytwhere else...

Grabbin' gears, and dragging pegs in the magical dance that one only gets to do alone. 

Each hanging apex brought a new ascending lunge. Each blind hill. brought a new vista of the precipice of the world itself.

I got suckered in by a sign that said "Maximum 80" Canadians must not beleive in guardrails.

leaning hard through an outside 190, with the world falling away to the right, the virgin tarmac suddenly, and without remorse gave way to marbles. The bike made that little shudder that can only mean she's gone wobbly in her stilettos. 

Though my loins begged to hold her in the deep embrace of the perfect line my mind could only fathom the spattered results.

I had to let her out of some of the dip, lest I drop her dead on my own ass. Right there, with the whole of nothingness watching intently. 

Leaning was no longer an option and braking was dream with promise of a nightmare. what was left of the road wanted me off it's back. and was only to willing to let me ride clean off into the interminable green abyss.

Faintly at first as though a whisper meant to catch my attention, I heard the ghosts of those that have gone before. 

"Power is your friend.." 

With seathing death lust, I mounted the pegs, dropped 2 gears, and grabbed throttle like it was my last woman. 

The boxer screamed like a pinched school girl as she gasped hard at the thin air of 4000 feet. When she finally she found her stride, she gave, and I took, all that I needed. 

A couple thousand more rpm's shot out the back wheel and with violent grace dug into the kind of powerslide a scoundrel such as myself, only dreams of.

Up out of the apex, she shot, front wheel aloft, rear knobbie biting like the passion of first love, over a heave and back onto the silk sheets of pavement. 

I grabbed another gear and rewarded my mistress with a fleeting caress of her red line. I rewarded myself with a much needed breath

off into the bowls, hills and valleys of the yet unknown, we rode as one, gluttonously drinking of the pungent nectar of adventure while worshiping with dire contempt the cursed Gods of gravel...

12 seconds.....