Update from Chicken

I am in to chicken Alaska! No cell service here but the campground has satellite internet. Life is good!
Chicken is an old Gold mining town/camp from the Klondike days. I will video a quick tour tomorrow AM, and upload. 

The ride to Glenn Ellen was as it always is. Cold in Eureka (but not as cold as usual) nice in Glenn-Ellen. Sun is out under high broken overcast. A little windy in places but otherwise great riding. There were a few sections of Loose Gravel starting at about mile 64 of the Tok cut off. Good thing they were marked bbecause otherwise the road encourages a brisk pace.

I will try and get the pictures and some video up a little later on, or tomorrow morning

Thanks for watching! 

Leaving chicken camp shortly. I am going to make a stop at "Tisha's Cabin" 
Tisha was a teacher here in Chicken (just next to the end of the world) in the early part of the century, or late last century. She wrote a book about it that is still in print. I will get some pics and put them up when I get to dawson...