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Faith hope and love

The problem 

What does one do?  This beloved country is being consumed by the Sodom and Gomorrah like plague of socialism, Marxism, hedonism, selfishness, and entitlement, right before the sad eyes of the knowing. It seems that we are powerless to change the course that we are now on.  Surely our society has become inextricably woven into the unrelenting web of entitlement and government intervention.  We know from history (at least some of us do) that the great experiment of socialism never fails to fail. the reasons being well beyond the scope of this text. Suffice it to say that once a people seek sustenance from their government they give up their rights to, concept of, and motivation for self determination. As the leaders of government slip into megalo-maniacism (as they all do eventually) competence is replaced with blind loyalty and the whole thing collapses under its own ineptitude.

For a person to reach their individual potential, they must be forced to look deep inside themselves to discover it, then be left alone to develop it. It is never a pleasant transition from dependence to self reliance but it is a change that all creatures must make to further themselves and society. People (as all universal force) tends to seek the path of least resistance. If the government provides that path through welfare, and entitlement, and favoritism, than that is the path all will seek, to the destruction of character needed for survival.

The ultimate end is when the weak are allowed to fail, only then will they find their strength.

Faith, hope, and Charity.

Some of us may recognise this phrase and some of us may even know that it is the second to the last line of 1st Corinthians Chapter 13.  Some of you may also know that the next line in the chapter states “the greatest of these is charity.”  Some may further remember the line to read ‘Faith, Hope, and Love.”  

After many years of reciting the line to myself as “faith, hope, and love” I was I was taken aback to find a revisionist version that stated the line as faith, hope, and charity.  It so bothered me, that I sought spiritual guidance from a biblical scholar to explain why love had been replaced by charity. He simply stated that the words were synonymous.  I wrestled with that concept for most of my adult life.

Today, I understand that words such as charity and compassion are embodied within the greater concept of love.  I believe that this is what Glenn is trying to convey, and I believe his message is as real and honest as anything ever could be.


Through many years of trials and tribulations, I have found faith to be the cornerstone upon which my life must be built.  I have heard that the verdict of the ages is that all men of courage have faith, and that all men of faith have courage.  But that is only part of the story.  

Decades of searching for the answers to life's questions left me breathlessly at the brink of insanity.  An honest and exhaustive examination of the dilemma of life only leads to more questions which in turn lead to more, and so on.  To a relentless and restless soul such as mine the circle never comes together.  Until, of course, I discovered faith.

Faith is the indisputable answer to all the unanswerable questions.  Faith is the safe harbor in the tumultuous storm of life.  Faith is the nurturing bosom of all knowledge.  It is as it is because it is meant to be that way.  And all will work out toward the greater good, whether that be by a divine power, a divine plan, or an endless series of circumstance.  Faith, replaces my need to fathom the unfathomable.  This is not a cop out, this is in fact the answer that I sought since birth.

With so many eyes blinded to the conflict between good and evil, faith is the only light some of us can see.


Hope is one of those words that has lost it’s original context in the ego-maniacal manifestations of our society.  All too often we hear “hope” used in the context of “craving.”  I “hope” I get a gold brick for Christmas; I “hope” the nation survives its latest misguided dabbles in socialism; I “hope” we see the light.  This is not, nor ever has been, the purpose of hope.

Hope instead is the belief, or faith, that all will be well despite the current disagreeable nature of our circumstance.  Hope is not the craving for things to be different; hope is the knowledge that things are not as they actually seem.

Hope is the stoicism that will carry the nation, and its good people through the depths of the coming chaos.


Synonymous with love, charity is not only the act of writing a check to some not for profit organization with the hope that your financial contribution will do some good for some thing, or people less fortunate.  Neither is it the tithe to assuage your guilt of success.

Charity is the soft kindness in your heart that nourishes the universal compassion within us all. Charity, or love, is the absence of self, the absence of ego, the repudiation of our inbred narcissism.  Charity is the higher power within us all to not only do good works but to be good people.  To be good to one another and to transcend our own selfish and illusionary desires.

Charity, is the bond that will hold all good people together in the face of the destructive forces of evil.  

Charity is the foundation of the new beginning.


These are not new concepts but are the old tried and true principles that built this nation in the first place, and will ensure the survival of liberty.  Our task is not to learn and embrace these concepts as some new epiphany.  Instead, our task is to quietly close our eyes, pray, and let the Faith, Hope, and Charity that is already within us, be us.