More about ME

Clean house, Trust God, Help others

Clean house, means to live within a righteous set of principals, and when I fall short, (cause I am plagued with being human) to make things right. 

Trust God; has a world of possible meaning but to me, it simply means to have faith, that everything is as it should be, when it should be, regardless of what I think should be. Life is on a need to know basis, when I need to know something God will reveal it to me, When I need to do something, God will provide the means, and the time to take action. Otherwise, life is for living. 

Help Others; Our greatest blessing is our ability to be of service to others. How trite that sounds, but in reality, helping others releases me of the drudgery of trying to live up to my own ego, and therefore allows me to be content. When I am selfish with my thoughts, and actions than all I get out of life is what I can conceive. When I am selfless, my consciousness is open to the boundless possibilities of the universe. I am not bound by the frailties of my own perception(s)