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Personal Standards

I am personally disgusted with the pop culture pop-psych concept of non judgementalism. If we do not judge others behavior, by what standards do we judge our own? If their is no "judgment" of people's behaviors than what do we do when those behaviors impinge our own right to live?

My Buddha does not believe in the concept of good and bad.  I agree that their is no way that us morals can judge some event or situation to be good or bad. We do pass jusdgemnt of good or bad as it applied to our own ego, bu once ego has been transcended, Good and bad  become irrelevant. 

As it applies in society however, their is compassionate and hurtful behavior(s) Generally the hurtful behaviors are perpetuated by individuals who are so ego-centric that they believe nobody should ever judge them. 

The compassionate behaviors however are perpetuated by those that have transcended the self centered nature of existentialism to find peace in supporting the well-being of others.  

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